How to write your own free topic essay? Practical Tips and Advice 2017? Part 1

There are situations when you need to write an essay on a free topic. Professor gives you a ‘carte blanche’ and you can pick up any topic you want for your essay. Often, such situations stun students, who used to write essays on particular subjects and topics, provided by their professors. Before we start, it is essential to realize that you already know everything you need for essay writing. It is all already there, in your head. You only need to learn how to ask yourself right questions. These questions will help you to understand and sort out all the information, stored in your brain. In this post, I would like to give you some practical tips and advice on how to write your own free topic essay.

First of all you need to choose is a subject. Before choosing one, think about its value. How well do you know this subject? What are you going to write about? Can you offer a new and fresh glance on this issue? Essay is a writing form famous for its originality. Even if its subject is ordinary and banal, you must provide new approach to a matter. Can you do it? Then let’s move forward.

Materials. What will guide you? Will it be enough for you to have only your life and reader’s experience for essay writing? Remember that a variety of thoughts and wording collage are always captivating. Try to see your topic from a different perspective. Your essay should give an impression of a long and hard work you put in it. It should surprise with erudition and confound by innovative thinking.

Concentration of ideas. Do not try to say everything on anything. Instead, try to filter your thoughts. Make sure that it is very interesting and informative to read your essay.

Once you have decided what do you want to express, write down on paper main directions and ideas of your future essay. After that, choose from them three the most successful thesis, which will form a foundation of your essay. If there will be more thesis, you risk to seem superficial and confusing. If less – looped and conservative.

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How to write your own free topic essay? Practical Tips and Advice 2017 Part 1