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7. Clearly state your arguments. Each and every thought in your essay should not sound unfounded. Instead, reinforce them with arguments, like a shining example, statistical data, expert opinion, etc. Your essay should demonstrate to your professor that you know the subject and what you are writing about.

8. Use word-ligaments. Introductory and connective words are extremely important for any essay. They are links that bind together your thoughts and arguments, forming a logical structure of your paper. They will help to unite your essay, show contrast, indicate a sequence of actions, and so on.

How to write an "A" essay
9. Use a variety of vocabulary and grammar. Avoid repetition of words, synonyms, and use complex grammatical structures. By doing so, you illustrate your professor that you are erudite, literate person. Instead of bored word “good” that everybody uses in everyday life, use such words as remarkable, gorgeous, fascinating, depending on the context of course. Use complex language to express your thoughts. Only rich text will receive the highest mark.

10. Express your thoughts accurately. Basically, essay is a written expression of your thoughts on a particular subject. Hence, it is important not to forget about elementary delicacy. If possible, try not to “touch” such issues as politics, religion and other “slippery” themes. In case your essay foresees consideration of some “painful” topic, try to present your views politely, be tolerate. Therefore, it is better to stick to formal tone and avoid violent displays of emotions.

How to write an "A" essay
11. Write gently. Although, you have to write your thoughts on particular subject, try not to use often the following structures: “I am convinced that…” “I know for sure that…”, “I am absolutely confident that…”and so forth. Instead, write softer, for instance: “I think…”, “I believe…”, “In my opinion…”. Such writing sounds more formally and correctly in relation to other people.

Now, you know the main tips on how to write a “perfect” essay and receive an “A”, no matter of the subject. However, it is important to remember that you have to practice regularly and actively use all these tips in addition to theoretical knowledge. Train to write essays on different topics, it will be the best preparation possible.

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How to write an “A” essay? Part 2 #EssayTips2017

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