To write an excellent essay and receive an “A” you must follow certain rules. In this post we will reveal the secrets of writing perfect essays and receiving the highest grades. These simple tips will help you successfully cope with essays of any difficulty!

1. Stick to the structure of the essay. Once you received a task, determine the type of essay and create a plan how you will write it. Then, stick to the plan: title – introduction – several paragraphs for the main part – conclusion. Be sure to follow the structure of your essay, otherwise you will not receive the highest grade.

How to write an "A" essay

2. Use a draft. It will be wise to write up all your ideas, thoughts and arguments for the essay in the form of short abstracts. This will allow you to remember important ideas when writing clean copy. You can create bullet points list with main ideas you want to describe in the paper.

3. Be prepared for any topic. Usually, main goal of any essay is to demonstrate knowledge of particular subject. Do not neglect reading of the given texts and materials in preparation for essay writing. As well, it will help you to expand your horizons and memorize new words, phrases and clichés that you can use in your paper and hence, impress your professor.

4. Always carefully check all your essays before submitting it to your professors. Without any doubts, accurate evaluation and correction is essential in writing excellent essays.

5. Determine the appropriate style of your writing. It can be both semiformal or formal. Do not use slang and abbreviations of words. For instance, instead of “can’t” write “can not”, instead of “wanna” – “want to”, etc. You must clearly understand the differences between different speech styles and how to use them properly.

How to write an "A" essay

6. Be concise. Essay is a short prose composition. Some students use the principle “the more, the better” and write great opuses. Alas, it is likely that your professor not only will not increase, but can even lower your grade because you have not met the required text volume.

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How to write an “A” essay? Part 1 #EssayTips2017

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