In the discipline of psychology, a strong emphasis is placed on the use of assessments, inventories, and other tools that measure attitudes, skills, and personalities, as well as numerous other dimensions. Each person has individual characteristics and abilities that should be discovered.

It can be said that there are direct connections between my aspirations and your highest scores. If I expect something and plan things, then I know what I really want and I move toward my goal. I can obtain my highest scores if I understand why exactly I need them. I have to realize their importance and certain perspectives if I get high scores.

As well, I can say that I have received some surprises in terms of my scores. In certain subjects I was expecting to get higher scores than I got. Anyway, scores are unforeseen. Sometimes if a person appreciates particular subject, he may get lower scores. I agree that my scores depend on my mood, on my knowledge and interest in the subject.

As a result of the Big Five Assessment I have learnt about conscientiousness and kindness that I have. The Big Five Assessment helped me realize my qualities and my possibilities. Also I understood what I lack and how I can improve certain things. I think that it is extremely important to realize the pros and cons of the personality to be able to make essential changes and improvements. For each person it is interesting to find more about himself and to analyze his behavior. As well, working on the personality, behavior and communication always helps to succeed and to become a better person.


@Big Five Assessment – The discipline of psychology *2017*