Successful Essay Writing Algorithm

  • Algorithm of successful essay writing

  • Essay Editing

Successful essay writing algorithm consists of the following components:

  • Carefully read all essay topics offered to you.
  • Select one that will meet several requirements:
    • Firstly, it must be topic you are interested in.
    • Secondly, you understand meaning of this statement.
    • Thirdly,  you have something to say on this topic  (you know terms, can provide examples, have personal experience, etc.).
  • Identify a main idea of a topic (what is it?). In order to do it use paraphrase technique (say the same thing, but in your own words).
  • Outline arguments “for” and / or “against” this statement.
  • Pick examples, facts, life situations, personal experiences for each argument.
  • Once again review your illustrations: did you use your knowledge of a subject in them (terms, facts, theories, concepts, etc.).
  • Think what literary methods you will use to make your essay sound more interesting and lively (comparisons, analogies, adjectives, etc.).
  • Distribute selected arguments and / or counter-arguments in sequence (this will be your preliminary plan).
  • Think of a reasoning in your essay (why did you choose this statement?, determine your personal position to the statement, ask your question to an author of a quote, etc.).
  • Present your point of view in sequence you have set.
  • Specify general conclusion of the essay and, if necessary, edit it.

It should be noted that successful editing involves checking your essay in the following areas:

  • Structure (check whether there is a logical connection between the parts of an essay).
  • Sincere tone (avoid too emotional adjectives and adverbs).
  • Unity of style (it is important to make sure that in an essay you are not jumping from scientific to journalistic or conversational style and vice versa).
  • Essay volume (your paper should be concise – reduce all unnecessary materials).
  • Attractiveness of your essay, its individuality (has your paper something special that allows it to break out of a series of other essays).

Please note that compiled algorithm of successful essay writing does not claim to absolute completeness. It is always possible to clarify, specify, complement it with something else during essay writing.

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