Sometimes people make excuses because they want to prove something, to tell their side of the story, to change another person’s opinion. Excuses help people to tell what they want, to explain things or consequences of the situations. In many cases excuses are indispensable and they mean a lot. And sometimes even the person’s destiny can depend on excuses. Sometimes, talking to people and making excuses can make sense and help, but sometimes not. Everything depends on the way they are told and on the situation a person stays.

Some people prefer to listen to the excuses and other people consider them inappropriate. Anyway, a person feels relieved when he makes excuses as he knows that he has done everything to prove he was right and explained everything that happened. Everything depends on the situation and on the problems that exist in the people’s lives that force them to make excuses. In many cases excuses mean just words or lies, but sometimes people tell the truth and this truth is very important. Person’s excuses can show his true feelings and his understanding of a certain situation which will help solve the problem or to clear up the misunderstanding.

All in all, excuses are a part of life, and some people prefer to make them to prove certain things and to tell their side of the story. Sometimes it is guilt that forces people to make excuses, and sometimes it is a situation that makes people make excuses. Excuses can be indispensable worlds that help people in life. Anyway, I think excuses can be useful and people have to have an opportunity to make them.

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