Nowadays, being illiterate created plenty of limits for a person. Illiteracy in the modern world should not exist. Although the situation in the poor and Third World countries is very difficult and there is a great percentage of illiterate people. Literacy is one of the main skills that a person should have. It is a right to have a possibility to get educated and to become literate. It is important to know the causes of illiteracy to be able to destroy them.

People who live in poor countries face difficulties considering the issues of going to school. They simply do not have a chance to do it. The government does not have the conditions to provide free and quality education for people, that is why, as a result, people end up in poverty with no way out. The only hope for them is the participation of international organizations, which can arise the problem and influence the educational process in the country. Today, there are 700 million of illiterate people all over the world. The majority of these people live on the African continent, in India and Asian countries. The majority of these illiterate people are girls and women. Such organizations as Global Campaign for Education each year holds an international campaign for education, including the Global Action Week in April, which promotes free and quality education for all. More than 130 countries each year take part in the campaign, supporting education for all and trying to change the situation in the world. The World Leaders are capable to change the situation with literacy and the measures have to be taken immediately. UN has a project in the Millennium Development Goals that aims to reduce poverty before the year 2015. There has been made a lot to promote education and to help people get educated, but still there are a lot of things to do.

As a fact, family can also cause illiteracy by forcing children to work and not seeing the need to get educated. In the Third World countries it happens this way, and as well there is the lack of schools in those regions, and consequently it is almost impossible to get education. The other problem is that schools are not free, and poor people cannot pay to get children educated- in this case the most beneficial ways is to make children work. And the other problem is that there are few schools and people live too far away from them, that is why going to school is not possible and would not make sense. In some countries with the certain points of view men consider it inappropriate for women to be educated and for children too.  Family can contribute to illiteracy by forcing children and women to work in order to earn money.  Illiterate people as usual work as slaves, not knowing about the other ways to live their life. And as a fact, family has to help children get education and to have perspective in life, proper knowledge and more opportunities.

And of course, a person himself can cause illiteracy. Different bad habits (alcohol, drugs) can influence person’s opinion to stop studying and not having any goals in life. Also, certain friends can influence a person to take such decision. Actually, some people do not want to study at all, as when their families are rich, they do not consider studying important. Some women in developed countries do not want to study because they have a husband who is rich and they do not even think of a possibility of working. But, as a fact, those who abandoned studies or did not study at all, when time passes, start feeling sorry and powerless, as they do not have proper knowledge, experience and a path to follow. Although the necessity to get educated is obvious, some people choose not to study anyway. Having the opportunity to study and not to use it can be considered stupid, as there are millions of people who dream to learn how to read and write. As a fact, in many cases everything depends on a person, on his decision to study and his will power. Although in the modern world should be no facts illiteracy, they still exist and there are millions of them.

All in all, the literacy problem has its consequences which are severe and even sometimes with no way out. There are many factors that cause illiteracy, and some of them people can control, but other they cannot. It has been proven that literacy gives people knowledge about the basic things in life, about illnesses, hygiene, possibilities to work, to choose what to do in life and many other options. Being educated, a person is aware of the possible problems, possible perspectives and he is able to work and be a part of the society. And being illiterate limits person’s actions and outlook, his thoughts and possibilities.

#UN Being illiterate created plenty of limits for a person #CampaignForEducation