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Essay is a prose composition, a small amount of reasoning in a genre of criticism or journalism. It can be said that an essay is a free interpretation of a problem. Typically, essay reflects personal experiences and views on a specific issue or problem and obviously is not intended to be decisive or exhaustive treatment of the subject. As a rule, essay suggests a new, subjective view to particular issue. It may have philosophical, historical, biographical, journalistic, critical, argumentative or fictional character.

In turn, student essay is an independent written work on a specific topic, proposed by a teacher (topic can be offered to a student, but must always be agreed with teacher). To understand how to write an essay, you must realize its purpose. The purpose of essay is to develop skills of independent creative thinking of a student and written statement of his or her own thoughts. It should be noted that essay writing is extremely useful because it allows the author to learn clearly and correctly formulate his/her thoughts, organize information, use main categories of analysis, correctly emphasize cause-effect connections, illustrate concepts with appropriate examples, make logical conclusions and last but not least, master the scientific style of speech.

How to write an essay?

Good-written essay should include the following elements: a clear statement of the essence of the problem – a thesis. As well, every essay should include a self-conducted analysis of the problem with the usage of concepts and analytical tools, considered within the discipline. In addition, excellent essay must have a clear structure with introduction, body and conclusion, which generalizes the author’s position on the problem described in the essay. Depending on the specific form of discipline, essays can differentiate significantly. In some cases, it may be an analysis of available statistical data on the problem under study. In others, analysis of data from a particular source or detailed analysis of the proposed objectives with reviews and providing examples to illustrate the problem.

To sum it up, it should be mentioned that to write an excellent essay, an author should develop a clear structure of the paper and be able to analyze the problem, provide arguments and examples and make a clear conclusion to demonstrate teacher in-depth knowledge of the issue.

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