How to choose essay topics effectively? Part 2

This situation foresees complete absence of a topic. It can be said that this option is the most difficult in terms of choice, but it literally opens doors for you, allowing to write about whatever you want. In order not to drown in an ocean of possibilities, first of all you need to determine what is the most interesting for you. What are you keen on writing about? What draws your attention to such an extent that you forget about everything else? What would you like to improve in society, your city, the planet itself, in people around you?

Once you have determined direction, use your strengths. Some students like picturesquely describe events, places, interesting people. Others, like to make a review and analyze things. There are those, who like to write about themselves, as well as those, who prefer to criticize things they do not like. Depending on a category you fell in, your essay can be descriptive, analytical, reflective, critical, argumentative, etc.

Combining essay theme you are interested in with your favorite category, write down several topic options. The most important at this point is understanding of problems and their potential solutions for your essay, not the exact wording of a topic.

Evaluation of selected topics.
After selecting specific topics, rate each of them on a subject of how meaningful you can disclose it. Do you have any interesting observations and ideas on this particular topic? Can you surprise your professor with some interesting outcomes on this topic? Can you provide comprehensive reasoning on this topic? Keep in mind that you will have to formulate a specific thesis during essay writing and then convincingly prove it with argumentation. Will you be able to do this for topics you have already selected?

In addition, during selection of potential topic, pay attention to literature availability. In some cases, it is more convenient to try to find necessary information in sources and then proceed to elaboration of ideas in form of an essay. If your professor demanded agreeing a topic with him / her, be sure to present a plan of your future essay with thesis and main arguments in favor of your position.

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“Free-floating” state. How to choose essay topics effectively? Part 2