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Male/Female Friendships: Is It Possible?

Awareness of government officials and responsibilities in domestic conditions

why knowledge management is important to the success of organizations

Urban Studies: Taking back the night? Gender and the contestation of sexual entertainment in England and Wales

The political economy of ‘lap dancing’: contested careers and women’s work in the stripping industry

Charlie Bartlett

The Rising Importance of Erotic Capital

Erotic Capital | Catherine Hakim

The Life of William Shakespeare

Do heroes change over time?

Rhetorical analysis of President Obama’s first inauguration speech

Power: A case study | par excellence

Genetic modification

Academic research and strip clubs

The third psychospatial boundary dancers use to manage the toll of strip- ping is to develop a “dancer persona” (Burana 2001; Eaves 2002; Perrucci 2000; Pasko 2002)

“ ‘Where Am I Going to Stop?’ Exotic Dancing, Fluid Body Boundaries and the Effects on Identity,” sociologist Jennifer Wesley (2003b)

Researcher Subjectivity in the Field

The Clubs – Vixens and the Velvet Lounge


Qualitative research on the perceptions of female exotic dancers

Interpreting Strippers

Why Dancers Need Psychospatial Boundaries: Rule Setting

Managing the Toll of Stripping : Boundary Setting among Exotic Dancers

Smart Card is a plastic card with embedded chip

A situation involving several employees who did not do their part of the job in time and another person was made guilty

Two systems in the United States – slavery in the South and capitalism in the North

Skate ramp is extremely popular among the young people and there is need of support for the children’s interests

A story about American graduates / experience / discussion

Bureaucracy is an organization of professional government officials, intended for skilled execution of public policy

Sexual harassment in the work place is very acute in our society

/the development of the sphere of entertainment and internet/

evaluate myself as a group member and leader // reflecting on my strengths & weaknesses

Self development in leadership is a never ending process.

How to achieve Universal Primary Education

Salmonella – food infection caused by salmonella bacteria

Salem Witch – a lawsuit, which took place in Massachusetts in 1692

| safety activities at work | improvements #objectives

The situation with the teenage mothers who do not hold a high school diploma

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception

Drug trafficking – illegal issue, influence, a multibillion-dollar business

Public transportation issues

Strategic culture has a significant influence in helping to understand international actors

Public Schools vs. Private Schools

The argument proposal- reconciliation agreement

21 December 2012 – this is just another big cycle end date, and nothing more

PowerPoint business presentations

Police – is a system of state services and agencies for the protection of public order. Police carries a wide range of functions, a set which varies in different countries

Analyze the roles and functions, both constitutional and political, of the American Presidency and the United States Congress

An example of a manager that exhibits each of these three possible work situations

Personal Statement | Traveling | Events | Atmosphere

Applying for admission to get education in College

A significant person that had a positive impact on me

Personal development planning – an indispensable tool

A patient in hospital feels lack of freedom – you cannot do want you want, you must eat and take pills by schedule

How an individual is recruited, selected and trained for a police department

Concrete jungles of modern society

Canadian experts in the field of medicine came to the conclusion that obesity is…

A long Way Gone by Ishamel Beah


What do you make of their response(s)/action(s)?

The actions can be described as desperate. Children, having a photographic memory and constant shock, are able to tell everything in detail during all their life. Extremely hard life and horrible war created the certain circumstances along with the problems of drug use and behavior.

Are the characters’ actions and attitudes justified by their circumstances?

The actions and attitudes are not justified by their circumstances, as their circumstances can only be taken into consideration and the reason for the certain actions and attitudes.

The binaries of good vs. bad. Good and bad have always been a dilemma.

“We must strive to be like the moon.”  When Ishmael asked his grandmother what the old man meant by this quote, she said it was an adage that served to remind people to always be on their best behavior and to be good to others. People complain when there is too much sun and then again when it is too cold. However, no one grumbles when the moon shines, because a lot of happy things happened in the moonlight, as stated in “A Long Way Gone” by Ishmael Beah (page 16).

  • Do Americans have a tendency to label – the good guys and the bad guys / the white hats and the black hats?

As a fact, Americans have a tendency to label – the good guys and the bad guys, as this way it becomes clearer on which side each person is and what he thinks. Labeling can be clearly seen in the films, where there is a constant war or a cold war between the good guys and the bad guys.

  • Are there situations where there are no lines: everyone is bad, or there are only shades of grey?

There are situations where there are no lines: everyone is bad, or there are only shades of grey. The situation where everyone is bad can be referred to terrorism. The shades of grey are also present if to talk about crisis and wars in other countries when everyone is against it.