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few paragraphs the content of Postman’s first two chapters, “The Medium is the Metaphor” and “Media as Epistemology.” 

the Second World War was a civilizational crisis of humanity

The sociological perspective enables people to “make the connection” between groups and their social location and group experiences in the social structure of society

Occupational Therapy is the domain of medical practice, the border between psychiatry, clinical psychology and the psychology of work

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Availability of cheap labor force in China has allowed this country to make an impressive progress

The topic of child pornography has developed into a real social panic

Child abuse may take the form of physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect

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The interview with Tony Hsieh, the chief executive of Zappos.com

Carl Rogers (1902 – 1987) – was an American psychologist, one of the founders of humanistic psychology

Can Ethical Behaviors Really Exist in Business?

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Declaration of Independence


As a fact, the Declaration of Independence addresses grievances specific to its time and place. Time has passed, the situation has changed and, if the Declaration of Independence was written now, there might appear such grievances, as:

For cutting off wars with other countries;

For having no democracy;

For having no proper liberty;

For no opportunities to show the power of the United States;

For no chance to showing the potential of the States.

The reasons why the country deserves its sovereignty are:

Justice as one of the main principles;

Equal rights for people of all races who live on the territory of the United States;

Rights to live, to be free and to be happy;

Honesty in cooperation with other countries;

Peace and negotiations as a tool to prevent any possible war;

Free, independent and capable to defend ourselves States;

Improvement of live of people in the United States;

Honor and dignity in relation to everyone.

Taking into consideration the current situation in the world, the current rules and regulations, it can be noted that  United States would need to be independent, as it is very difficult to maintain certain image for any country, and the country that knows its power and potential can properly lead the country forward to the success. There are grievances and the obvious reasons for the country to have Declaration of Independence, as it determines the importance of the country on the World Map and in front of the whole world.