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Curse of Tutankhamen or Mummy’s Curse – is the curse that will inevitably kill anyone, who touches royal tombs of pharaohs’ of ancient Egypt

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury were released in 1950

The Kingston Hotel is a low cost hotel chain that operates internationally

“The Hurt Locker” – is a film director Kathryn Bigelow, filmed in 2008

homeschooling effects – pros and cons 2017

Music education -yes or no

Dollar: the world is living in a pursuit of new world currency

Describing the personal and professional accomplishments since graduation

The accident in the power system in New York is the mass shutdown of power supply in New York

|| new technologies that attract people’s attention

#technology takes special place in the life of any person

A sweatshop labor (referring mainly to the machines) is a factory, usually in a developing country or third world

Authors and bibliography

Legal implications of being a Nutritional Consultant and also precautions to take to protect one’s self and clients

Stress while driving is a global problem nowadays

Body senses and motor control. Loss of Motor Control.

Compare essay “Oedipus the king” by Sophocles, “Othello the moor of Venice” by Shakespeare, and “A Doll house” by Henrik Ibsen

Smoking – the most common of the bad habits among pregnant women

Belief statement essay | School – is an educational institution for education

Barriers to effective communication process essay

The problem of obesity in Australia

The fundamental difference of Calvin Coolidge and Woodrow Wilson

Assess the role of law initiating and responding to change

Applying Your Understanding of Fallacies

Ansel Adams – an American photographer

Steroids in Sports | pros and cons essay

Shakira is one of the most famous performers in the world | Analytical Essay

Analysis of “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe

The book “No Impact Man” is full of family adventures and the idea of sustainable living

The American Dream can be defined as equality of opportunity and freedom that allows all U.S. residents achieve their goals in life

Alexander the Great (Alexander III, 356 BC, Pella, Macedonia – 13 June 323 BC, Babylon)

at the Bachelor of clinical biology/medical technology specialization

My professional goals and reasons for seeking graduate education

Management contract can be described as an arrangement under which there is an operational control of an enterprise

Non-Advertising Promotions have become very effective lately


Concert Attendance Report


Once I was at the classical concert. It was the day of Chopin and also relaxing music of different performers. I enjoyed the concert very much, as it was impressive and unique. All of the people present at the concert had plenty of positive emotions. As a rule some people visit concerts, because the music reminds people about the past. There is usually a special dress code for people going to the concerts. At this concert some people were crying, because of a strong effect from music and feelings it gives. There is also plenty of thoughts and memories people feel during the concert, sometimes the presence at the concert helps people find out some important decisions, value what they have in life and remember important moments of their lives. I went to a concert to find out new feelings, to find inspiration and to feel better, also to remember the past and to feel the music. It was wonderful experience.

There were performed such pieces of classical music, such as Symphony No. 40 (Mozart), Violin Concerto (Beethoven) and Symphony No. 7 (Shostakovich). The concert style was in special atmosphere, performed by a pianist. There was a great variety of pieces played at the concert. The music was of different genres and its purpose was to show people the beauty of life. The volume was rather loud, the melodies were beautiful. Some melodies were pure harmony, calm and beautiful. Everyone was impressed by the performance and enjoyed the concert very much. Going to the concert is usually a pleasant moment, when people value the uniqueness and try to find out something new and important for themselves through the music.