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An impact of the Great Depression and particularly how it affected the trust in government

Comparing and contrasting the urban and rural areas


Project deliverables

Report on Transitional Living Programs for women

Fan – is a person who has the sympathy and enthusiasm for something.

What is being an owner like? Example

Recruiting of new managers – is one of the most difficult moments of the work of HR department.

In the period before the First World War, the United States began its ascent as an international power with a substantial population and industrial growth

The World of Pharmaceutical

Marriage – is a family ties between people, which is adjustable by society (including government)

The Antisocial Personality Disorder, commonly referred to as psychopathy or sociopathy

Which is the greater threat: the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction or the proliferation of small arms and light weapons?

Why is it important to rest and renew your mind, body and spirit?

“The New Working Class”, written by Rebecca Piitro Heath, describes the situation of the working class, its perspectives and problems, changes over the time and other aspects.

Federal agencies and cabinet departments are responsible for causes and effects of climate change

Why the films “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and “Jaws” were typical or atypical for their genres?

The encroachment of toxic chemicals such as heavy metals and radioactive wastes into underground aqua

The role of the HR professional | Human Resources Management

The evolution of the U.S. foreign policy on the example of four terms: Wilson’s Fourteen Points, Lend Lease Act, Truman Doctrine and Bay of Pigs.

Jeffrey Marx – the author of the legendary book “Season of Life: A Football Star, a Boy, a Journey to Manhood”

Inheritance is the mechanism of programming language, allowing to write a new class

The article “China’s Cyber Stonewall” was described the issue of China’s cyber attacks against United States

The phenomenon of global warming arising conscious concerns in many countries

H-1-X – Understands the historical evolution of the credit and financing systems in the U.S. economy

Accuracy of the actual “In Cold Blood,” the non-fiction novel written by Truman Capote

The rapid growth of financial markets does not reflect the real situation

Facts about the Aztecs and the Egyptians that people might not to know

Communication and Long Distance Relationship via Social Media

The interpersonal communication between masculine and feminine cultures in Japan, Great Britain, Venezuela, Netherlands, Thailand, and Chile

What comes to mind initially when you consider “common” behaviors of men and women

The assessment of family structure, location of the family

Building Communities in Egypt after the revolution that took place in January 2011

Ethical question a school counselor in America faces when he suspects child abuse

Private Pre-Sentence Investigation Report

The type of early childhood educator I would like to be

Personality & Emotional Development among common social needs

Supplemental Material | Pharmacist communication skills

Outline the characteristics of Nokia | Achievement of objectives

William H. Gates Foundation | Health Care System

Beauty Industry is a very perspective one these days

Domestic Violence assaults: the impact of environmental temperature


If you could spend a day with anyone in the world, past or present, who would you choose and why?


If I could spend a day with an outstanding actor Tom Cruise. I like talented people and I think that they have charisma and many interesting things to tell. For me Tom Cruise is a great talented actor who has achieved a lot in life and who has played in so many films and has a considerable amount of fans. I can say that I appreciate him as an actor and I am always looking forward for a new film where he, as a rule, has the leading role. Almost each film where Tom Cruise played became a true success.

That would be great to spend a day with such Hollywood star. I would like to go to the cinema with him, to talk about various things, about his life, ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages of being a public person and many other things. I have seen in programs backstage filming, and from what I saw I can say that he is a calm, professional and noble person. He has charisma, character, experience, professionalism and other important qualities that are essential in life. I expect that he will share a couple of secrets and some interesting facts about his everyday routine. I am convinced that I will be interested in our communication and that I will appreciate it very much.

If I had such a chance to meet Tom Cruise I would ask him some questions about his current work and future plans. I would also ask him whether he prefers to be an actor or a producer and which profession he loves the most. I would also ask Tom about his major challenges in life and the places in the world he has been to. I can also tell about myself, about my life, my dreams, my plans and accomplishments, the way I live, I can describe my daily routine and which countries I have been to.

As well, I think that after the cinema, we could go to café or restaurant and have some good time talking about life. After that I would like to take a walk in the park. I would not like to ask Tom a lot of questions because I think that private life has to be respected. I myself do not like to talk about my personal life, and I would not like to ask Tom uncomfortable questions. I am convinced there are so many topics to discuss despite personal life that can even be more interesting. I am sure that Tom has many interesting things to tell, describe different situations at work, while filming and other.

All in all, I think that that will be a pleasure to spend a day with Tom Cruise and to talk about various things, to discuss some issues and to have a great time. I think he has had and still has a wonderful life, full of fame and adventures. I would like to say that I would be honored to spend a day with such a special person – Tom Cruise.