Essay writing with the help of the Internet these days part 2

2. Selection of relevant websites and downloading necessary information on your hard drive from Internet.
Try to choose respectable websites – those, that have .gov and .edu domains, as well as scientific and academic periodicals. Considering downloading, I think here everything is clear and obvious.

3. Formulation of essay plan.
At this step, you need to make an essay plan. Here, you need to proceed from the information you have found. Think about main points and ideas you want to present in your paper. Prepare arguments and counter-arguments, as well as your thesis statement.

4. Composition of the downloaded information.
This step includes bringing draft to uniform standards, creating reference list. If the previous steps can be described as preparatory; now you proceed directly to essay writing. Will you simply copy and paste the information or rephrase it with your own words remains on your conscience.

5. Writing introduction and conclusion.
Once main part of the essay is ready, you must write introduction and conclusion. Start your paper in a slightly lyrical manner and gradually describe relevance of your work, its purpose and importance. In turn, in conclusion you must summarize with your own words the main points of your essay and repeat the thesis statement. It is preferable not to copy and paste previously stated information.

6. Creation of references list, content and title page.
It depends on the size of your paper. It is better to create a reference list before writing the main part. Remember, authors of all in-text citations and quotes must be included in the reference list.

7. Proofreading of your essay. Typically, proofreading takes two minutes per page. Read carefully and correct all spelling, stylistic and punctuation errors. Is it done? Now you can send the essay to your professor and hope for a positive result.

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Essay writing with the help of the Internet these days part 2
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