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To begin with, it should be noted that writing is an essential skill. Ability to write texts or essays is like a skill to create a project akin shooting a film, or painting. During writing you use all parts of a creative process: you need to consider overall essay structure, think of logical bridges between its parts, to be able to put your thoughts into particular context, i.e. to show what you, an author, know about a subject and how deeply do you understand other people’s views on this subject and what can you personally say concerning it.

Without any doubts, the most important, in the end, is the ability to convey to a reader one basic thing – a message. Message is an epistle to a reader. It should be crisp, clear and individual. Most of the people can easily verbally express their opinion. However, sometimes this opinion can become a judgment, that is, reinforced by arguments that illustrate direct logic of people’s opinion. To be able to perform it in writing concisely and coherently is an art that needs to be learned from an early age. To be able to write, analyze information and concisely reflect your own thoughts is a skill, like skating or learning a foreign language. The later you start, the less is a chance that you will ever really master skating or be able to fully understand foreigners.

In addition, it should be noted that any conflict or dispute can be potentially avoided if opponents understand logic and principles of each other’s positions. If you want of being understood – you need to know how to explain your position in a comprehensible manner. In real life, it is often simply not enough time to explain your thoughts: you need to act quickly, to speak and write clearly and concisely.

Time after time practicing essay writing, you will learn to express your thoughts on a particular issue.

Essay Writing Blog – why read it?