“What seems to be fading away in modern psychology is the conflict between biological, behavioral, humanistic and cognitive approaches. Unlike their predecessors, many young psychologists do not feel compelled to take sides or choose between different approaches to psychology.”, according to Modern trends (2010).

There are different trends that are emerging in the field of psychology. Modern psychology offers different career options for the young people. There are trends that rule the society and make it more interesting for people to live. The first trend is integration of technology into society. Without this integration there would be no technology and no perspectives for it. The second trend is wealth of communication and media technologies.

The implications of these trends for me as an individual pursuing a career in psychology may be the lack of the modern equipment or the newest technologies available for all. The trends are moving fast, and if the trend was yesterday, today it may already be something unnecessary or even old.

Certainly, there are trends which impact my career choice, and I can say that I have become more interested in the sphere of communications, as the technological sphere nowadays offers more and more new possibilities, that people can choose from. The current trends in psychology are perspective, as integration of technology into society and the broader possibilities of communications contribute to the development of society.

All in all, according to Hot trends in psychology (2010), “These days it pays for psychology majors to understand their career options while they’re still in school, so they can make a fast track to achieve their goals.”

Hot and #different trends that are emerging in the field of psychology