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In this post, I would like to share with you some secrets of successful essay writing. Every custom essay writing starts with a subject. Subject should not initiate only a statement of definitions or concepts. In fact, its purpose is to encourage reflection. Subject of an essay should contain a question, a problem and motivate reflection. For example: “The quantity theory of money of Fisher and Friedman: common and differences”. In other words, custom essay writing is an answer to a question or opening theme, which is based on the classic proof system.

In order to put theses and arguments in a logical sequence, a writer need to know their interconnections. Connection involves interaction of a thesis and an argument and can be direct, indirect and dividing.

During essay writing it is extremely important how a writer uses empirical data and other sources. All actual data is correlated with a specific time and place. That is why before an author uses them, he or she must make sure that they comply with necessary for a research time and place. For example, assumption that all countries are the same in some important aspect (if a writer thinks so, then he /she must prove it with some data, not just express his / her unfounded assertion).

In addition, it is essential to avoid over-generalization. A writer must remember that in a framework of an essay, data is used only for illustrative purposes. In any essay, data’s role is to confirm arguments and reasoning, and suggest that an author is able to analyze the data properly. It should be noted that data relating to open disputes, always being questioned. Nobody expects from an author an unequivocal
or final answer. For student, it is necessary to understand the essence of actual material associated with this issue and demonstrate it in the essay.

It is worth mentioning that quality of any essay depends on three interrelated components, such as:

  • Material used for essay writing (read summaries of literature, lectures, discussions, as well as your own thoughts and experiences on the issue).
  • Quality of handling of the available source material (its organization, argumentation and reasoning).
  • Reasoning (how well it correlates with the problems raised in the essay).

In conclusion, I would like to say that the process of custom essay writing can be divided into the following stages: thinking – planning – writing – checking – correction.

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